Anjos Vinho Verde

Anjos Vinho Verde

This wine is produced from grapes traditionally used in the Vinho Verde demarcated region, especially in the Sousa sub-region. This truly genuine wine has all the quality characteristic of this exceptional area. It is distinguished by its richness, taste and aroma. Young and delicate, it should be served with fish, seafood and white meat dishes.

  • Grapes: (30%Loureiro 30% Arinto 40% Trajadura)
  • Serving temperature: 42– 45F


  • Type: V.Q.P.R.D.
  • Region: Vinhos Verdes

Analytical control

  • Alcohol content: 9.5%vol.
  • Fixed acidity: 6.5 g/l
  • Sugar: 12 g/l


  • Colour: Citrine
  • Aroma: Elegant and fruity.
  • Taste: Young, fresh, Citrus Fruit, elegant and perfect acidity.

About Carlos Teixeira

Carlos Teixeira

Carlos Teixeira is the winemaker at Quinta da Lixa. Quinta da Lixa – Soc. Agrícola, Lda. is a living testament to the passion that the Meireles family has always had for Vinho Verde. Active in several areas in the business world, this family, who already owned vineyards next to the small Vila da Lixa, decided in 1986 to create a small business, Soporvin-Sociedade Portuguesa de Vinhos.

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